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«Orazion De Na Striga is a kind of civil prayer, a prayer, a meditation of the flesh. It asks, without mercy for the reader, all the questions of meaning about life, love, death, with the disillusioned gaze of a woman who rejects every stereotype, but lives with soul and body every side of her femininity (...)»


Tra Sacro e Sacro Monte Theater Festival, 11th edition

Debut: 9 July 2020

Sacro Monte of Varese


Karakorum Teatro production Taken from "La Gigia" by Romano Pascutto

With Alice Pavan

Live drawings by Marianna Iozzino

Director: Stefano Beghi

Assistant director: Susanna Miotto

Music: Marco Prestigiacomo and Antonello Ruzzini Ph: Giacomo Vanetti 

Theatrical performance Orazion De Na Striga, Festival "Tra Sacro e Sacro Monte", Varese, july 2020

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