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Marianna Iozzino was born in Nocera Inferiore (SA) in 1988. In 2013 she graduated in Painting at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. Since 2012 she worked in restoration sites in Naples and Switzerland, where in 2015 she graduated in Conservation and Restoration of frescoes and stuccos at the Supsi in Lugano. Painter and drawer, her artistic research is connected to color. The human body and the portraits are the permanent background of her poetics. Among the group exhibitions in Italy and abroad are noteworthy: Spazio Oberdan, Milan 2012-2013 - Gino and Gianna Macconi Foundation, Chiasso 2013-2016-2019 - Castello Aragonese, Ischia (Naples) 2015-2016-2017 - Palazzo della Racchetta, Ferrara 2019. Since 2018 she has collaborated with Karakorum Teatro and Spazio Yak in Varese, debutting in July 2020 in the theater festival “Tra Sacro e Sacro Monte” as a performer in “Orazion De Na Striga”.

In June 2021 she exhibited in the collective exhibition "Artefici Del Nostro Tempo", at the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation in Piazza San Marco in Venice, organized by the Municipality of Venice in conjunction with the 2021 Architecture Biennale. In December 2021 she presented her first solo exhibition "Le Spezzate" at the Atelier Zenith in Mendrisio (Canton Ticino). In the period April-June 2022 he participates in an "Artist's Residency" at Villa Greppi, Monticello Brianza, whose works were exhibited in a collective exhibition held in the historic granary of Villa Greppi in December 2022.

In April 2023 he opens his second solo show at the Piccola Galleria del Disegno (VA).

She lives and works in Varese.

Marianna Iozzino



Inquiete Anatomie, Piccola Galleria del Disegno, Cuvio (VA), solo exhibition.

Cantautori di frontiera, Binario 7, Monza (MB), group exhibition


“This is not my flesh anymore”, Atelier Montez, Rome, 10 February – 6 March, collective exhibition

"Artist's residencies", Villa Greppi, Monticello Brianza (LC), 10-31 December, collective exhibition,


“How will we live together?”, Creators of our time 2021, Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation, Gallery of Piazza San Marco, Venice, collective exhibition.

"The broken" - Atelier Zenith - Mendrisio (Canton Ticino - CH) - personal exhibition



Orazion de Na Striga, Theater Festival Between Sacro and Sacro Monte, XI edition, national debut July 2020, Sacro Monte di Varese, performance.



Young Artists Award 2019, "Synesthesia in the world of art", Gino and Gianna Macconi Foundation, Chiasso - CH, collective exhibition.


Authors Travel Diaries, Palazzo della Racchetta, Ferrara, collective exhibition.




City of Marsciano Creativity Award, Dynamic Brick and Terracotta Museum, Marsciano (PG), collective exhibition.


Young Artists Award 2016, "Memory in art", Gino and Gianna Macconi Foundation, Chiasso - CH, collective exhibition.



Young Artists Award 2013, Gino and Gianna Macconi Foundation, Chiasso - CH, collective exhibition.


Ricoh Prize for young contemporary artists, III edition, Painting section, Spazio Oberdan, Milan, collective exhibition.



Ricoh Award for young contemporary artists, II edition, Video Art section, Spazio Oberdan, Milan, collective exhibition.

Artistic residencies



Artistic residency at Villa Greppi, Monticello Brianza (LC) – June –   July 2022


Carte Vive Residence, Small Radio Theater in Meda. Theatrical residency for the realization of the performance Orazion de Na Striga.



Urban Sketchers Symposium, Porto, Portugal. International Workshop of Urban Sketchers.



Naples Urban Sketchers Workshop, Aragonese Castle, Ischia (NA). Urban Sketchers Workshop.



A fresco workshop: young artists in Maglia, MACAM, Maglia (TO).



Icon making workshop, Monastery of San Benedetto, Dumenza (VA).

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